Montane Grand Traverse: 01-02 April, 2023

The year we became the official headline sponsors of The Grand Traverse - the most time-honoured point-to-point ski race in North America. Hot off the heels of this legendary winter event in April (read our dedicated origins story to find out more!) we welcome the summer edition and 2 more mountain endurance races in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Introduced in recent years, the summer activities involve 2 separate run and mountain biking races (more on those below). This involves racers traversing the same point-to-point route from Crested Butte to Aspen, in between tackling over 7,800 feet in elevation. This race also enables participants to compete for the coveted GT triple crown…

GT Ski: April 02 - 03

Route: Mt. Crested Butte to Aspen
Length: 37.3 miles
Ascent: 6,852 ft
Descent: -8,264 ft

GT Mountain Run: Sep 03

Route: Mt. Crested Butte to Aspen
Length: 40 miles
Ascent: 6,197 ft
Descent: -7,072 ft

GT MTB: Sep 04

Route: Aspen to Mt. Crested Butte
Length: 41.5 miles
Ascent: 7,553 ft
Descent: -6,161 ft

Meet #TeamMontane

Having come 2nd in the ski event earlier this year. Alyssa Wendt is returning to take on the run and bike event this September. The Triple Crown is in her sights!

The Grand Traverse: A wild endurance race in the Rockies

New to the Montane race roster in 2022 is a thrilling series of endurance races based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA. Keep reading to learn all about the epic Grand Traverse…

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