FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast. S2 Episode 5 - Montane Dragon's Back

So, we could call this episode a Dragon’s Back Race special. A little ode to a big race - a race big enough to be described as the toughest mountain race in the world.

Hello and welcome to Further Faster, in association with Montane. I’m Daniel Neilson and it’s my job to talk to ultra athletes, explorers, climbers and mountaineers who are at the top of their game, to find out why they do what they do and how they do what they do.

The 2021 edition of the race - setting off 6th September - covers 380km of the most beautiful Welsh landscape in 6 days, a height gain of 17,400 metres.  
And in some ways, the next 40 minutes with Lowri Morgan and Chris Baynham-Hughes is that – these are two people passionate about the Dragon’s Back Race, but really what this three-way chat became was an insight into the power of races like this to foster friendships, to push boundaries that in turn benefit all elements of life, and why participating in events like this is a privilege, an adventure and, most importantly, a joy.