Montane ambassadors

Whether it be running, climbing, mountaineering, or fastpacking, Montane Brand Ambassadors live for all things mountainous and endurance. Their skill sets are diverse and deeper than just pure 'Further. Faster', using their talents actively within a wider outdoor community. They are tasked with getting the most out of our gear as possible, leading to engaging, interesting, and inspiring stories.


From her home in Chamonix Marie is perfectly placed to take full advantage of the iconic Alps. Ice climbing in the winter, trad climbing and running when the ice melts, Marie's grit and mountain experience exceeds that of most professional guides.


Currently making his name as one of the UK's finest outdoor photographers, Tom's fascination with mountainous areas is constantly informing his work. Combine this with a love for the cold, the vertical, and the aesthetic, and you have the recipe for Visceral experiences.


A human rights lawyer by trade, Jen found running quite late. She is a prodigious ultra-running talent. With podium finishes at iconic races such as the Montane Spine Challenger and the gruelling Northern Traverse, Jen has very much caught her stride.


Franco is a prolific rock climbing adventurer who spends his time looking for undiscovered lines across the UK, and is often found searching for hidden rock in the remote mountains of these isles. He has a reputation for boldness, with his hardest lines providing some of the scariest pitches to be found anywhere.


Described as 'Tinkerbell crossed with a Terminator' Katy is a tenacious and well-rounded athlete, equally as at home on a 100 km mountain marathon as bivvying in a Snowhole. She is constantly pushing herself further and faster.


The archetypal mountain runner, Ross resides deep in the Cheviot Hills, one of Britain's most isolated ranges. He runs through this wilderness light and fast, preferring to drink straight from streams than carry a water bottle, taking dynamic and challenging lines from peak to peak.


Elliot is a highly accomplished landscape and travel photographer. Based in London, he is more often found driving his van for days on end in search of mountainous wilderness to plunge himself into.


A converted road-runner, Dai is on a journey to engage and introduce others to the wonders of trail running through his adventures and challenges within the UK and abroad. He is an advocate for promoting the benefits of running as a medium for maintaining a healthy mental state that can benefit everyone.