Introducing Grace Shephard

Grace is a climber, with a particular passion for bouldering. Having lived mainly in cities most of her life, 6 years ago, she moved to the South West of England and is now found in Bristol.

Growing up, Grace was a keen runner and dreamed of one day becoming a professional athlete. She was part of the athletics team and was particularly good at longer distance races. Having competed at the English Schools Cross Country competition, she was ranked top in Surrey (where she was based at the time). Running through the mud, rain and up and down hills was where she felt happiest - it’s what began her love of the great outdoors!

Unfortunately Grace fell sick aged 13 and had to stop running. Her love for the outdoors kickstarted again once she moved to Bristol and began climbing aged 24. Going from strength to strength, she has been overcoming the battle of her illness and training hard to climb harder boulders, scouting out fun new spots in her local and surrounding area (read this blog to discover her favourite). Grace’s inspiring story has been followed by filmmaker Sandro Gromen Hayes and will be making its way to several outdoor film festivals this year.

"Montane couldn't suit me much better as a brand. I have never been disappointed by the quality and the resilience of their kit. Finding kit that can see me through all the varying weather of Britain, withstand all my movement on rock without snagging, that is also lightweight and looks good… is a bit like finding gold. I am typically a very cold person, and Montane's winter gear has the power to even keep me warm!”
- Grace Shephard

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