Montane Arctic Spine Race: 06-14 February 2024

The Montane Arctic Spine Race takes place along the Kungsleden Trail in Arctic Sweden. A non-stop, 293 mile (472 km) foot race with one of the most stunning winter landscapes in the world.

Participants start at Abisko, trekking through snowfields, Arctic tundra and frozen woodlands encompassed by Sweden's highest mountains as they travel towards the finish line at Hemavan. Those who take on the adventure will observe scenery and wildlife poles apart from the ordinary whilst battling through extreme weather conditions with temperatures dropping as low as -35 C and winds as high as 40mph.

This race requires grit, determination and the skills to reach the end. A race impractical for the faint hearted.

Race Facts

Race Facts

Location: Kunglesden Trail, Sweden

Distance: 293 Miles / 472 km

Start: 09:00 February 6 2024, Abisko

Finish: 09:00 February 14 2024, Hemavan

Time Limit: 192 Hours

Temperature: -5°C / 35°C

Daylight Hours: 8 Hours

Places Available: 25